What do I get out of the Monthly Dues?

It is a comprehensive program that prepares it's members for High School Baseball. The staff headed by Coach Chatman is what set's this program apart. There knoldge of player development in preperation of high school is unparalelled.

How Our Travelball Program Works

Every player is categorized into groups 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U or 14U level. Age levels are determined by level of play, team position needs and age. Workouts and games schedules can be found in our calendar of events. Coach Chatman will also send a weekly email on Mondays with any important updates. There will be a link emailed to you for sign ups to attend workouts and games. Games are by invite only. If your son wants to participate in any workout, you will need to sign up via email using the link provided. This part of the program is open to anyone who is signed up and wants to develop their skills and become a better baseball player.

The main focus of SCYB is to prepared it's members for high school. Games, tournaments and workouts provide information for the next step in the development process. The information gained from the above mediums give the daily routine purpose. At SCYB we have mastered the art  of preparation, our members show up the first day of freshmen tryouts with the understanding of how to control their own destiny and are assests to whichever high school program they attend.

Why Join SCYB?

Monthly dues include program workouts (indivual position workouts, hitting workouts, throwing program and base running) as well as team workouts per age group.


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Over 1,000 High School Players, 100's of former collegiate players

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Why start travelball so young?

Baseball is a specialized sport with a strong emphasis on mechanics and technique. The earlier an athlete can start the development process the better off the athlete will become.

Win the details... Baseball games aren't won. Baseball games are lost by the team that makes the most mistakes...

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